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In Store Music

Communicate sales messages and promotions to your customers without any competitor ads.

One of the best features of In Store Music is that you have total control of everything your customers hear while they are shopping.

The music playing in the store is the music you have selected. The messages they hear spaced occasionally throughout the music tracks are your messages.

It's like owning at radio station! Only better, because you are in total control. There is no chance of offending anybody with songs containing bad language of risque lyrics. There's no negativity coming from bad news headlines. And your customers are never going to hear advertising from a competitor.

The only announcements and promotional messages playing on your In Store Music program will feature the information you want your customers to hear.

You might have a message to reinforce a current ad campaign or an in-store activity like a special sale. You could publicise a joint promo with a supplier or introduce a new range. There's opportunities are endless.

All the announcements will sound totally professional. They will be well crafted by our skilled copywriters and recorded in our studios by experienced male and female presenters under the direction of our own studio producers.

Your In Store Music program will be designed to entertain and inform your customers. The program will help you create a more enjoyable place to shop using the right sort of music and messages.

Working closely with you, our people will schedule the number of replays and the time of day each announcement will appear within the In Store Music program.

Along with your control of the announcements the selection of music will be according to your direction. Our Royalty Free Music libraries are extensive and contain music of all types. Working closely with you we will create the playlists for the In Store Music program using the style of music preferred by your customers.

You may have a good idea of the style of music that will appeal to your customers. Because we are with Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we have an in depth understanding of how sound works. Together you can be sure we will create a unique ambience with In Store Music.

It's in our interest to see you get the most out of In Store Music. We know you will quickly see the benefits in your "bottom line". When you start to share those results with others in the industry we will have created a situation where everybody wins!

Take a moment now to listen in to a few samples of announcements we have made for In Store Music programs. Click here.