In Store Music

30 Day FREE Trial


Experience the selling power of In Store Music at your place with our free 30 day trial offer.

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Communicate sales messages and promotions to your customers without any competitor ads.

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Create an inviting ambiance using music that's free of costly APRA and PPCA fees.

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You're in complete control playing the music and messages you want customers to hear.

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Purpose built digital equipment that is very reliable, simple to operate and cost effective.

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Loosen those purse strings with a music genre your customers prefer to hear when shopping.

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Our team of experienced Copywriters are ready to help with all your scripts. Don't struggle for a line! You only have to communicate the major points you need to cover and our writers will draft a script and send it on-line for you to review/amend/approve. Save your time and the headaches of getting a script in order. Leave the writing to our experts.


If you require an English version of a script written in a foreign language we'll do the translation. If you need a foreign language version of your English script we can do that too. We also have professional male and female voice artists to record your script in just about any modern language.


Our voice recording studio is located in Nerang on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. We have 6 production areas for mixing and mastering and a dedicated vocal booth. The rates are extremely competitive, we're 20 minutes from Coolangatta airport just 40 minutes south of Brisbane and the parking, like the espresso is free! If you can't be here for the session we'll set up a 3-way phone link with you, the voice talent and our studio engineer. Or our studio producer will direct the session according to your brief.


If your telephone system needs an external player to run On Hold Messages we recommend the MOH1200. This little marvel uses an ordinary USB stick or "thumb drive" to store phone messages. Updates can be done on-line quickly and easily. We send a link for you to download the revised program. Then you transfer the download from your PC to the USB stick. The MOH 1200 is easily installed by your phone technician and comes with a power supply, audio cable, operating instructions and a full 3-year warranty. If you need to run Instore Music we recommend the SC2000.