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In Store Music

Create an inviting ambiance using music that's free of costly APRA and PPCA fees.

Royalty Free Music is at the heart of the In Store Music success story. And we are proud to have access to the most extensive libraries of Royalty Free Music. It's a choice that is continuously expanding with new tracks.

The various genres of music are all featured in our libraries. We have classical styled orchestral pieces, traditional and modern jazz, rock and blues, disco, funk, country and more. Music that appeals to every taste.

The music we use with In store Music programs is chosen from our Royalty Free Music libraries. That phrase Royalty Free is important. It means that businesses using the music are not liable to pay the compulsory fees levied by the Australian collection agencies APRA and PPCA. This music is exempt because the composers, musicians, producers and publishers have already been compensated.

To hear some sample tracks from our libraries of Royalty Free Music, Click here.