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In Store Music

You're in complete control playing the music and messages you want customers to hear.

We are often told one of the best things about In Store Music is the control it gives an owner over the music and the messages customers hear while they shop. Having control of the content means you don't risk offending any customers with bad language in a song or inflammatory and risque lyrics. Unlike having the radio playing you also avoid "bad news" broadcasts ruining the mood. Most of all customers are not subject to advertising from other businesses especially from competitors.

You get to make the choice of what music tracks will be played and what messages will be featured in the In Store Music program. You'll work with our music experts to make up the playlists.

We provide the widest choice of music genres in our catalogues of Royalty Free Music. You won't hear anything controversial or offensive.

Royalty Free Music means a saving to you. Using this music won't make you liable to pay annual fees to APRA and PPCA. Royalty Free Music is exempt from those hefty annual fees which are adjusted according to the Australian CPI. It goes without saying, the fees increase all the time.

As well as controlling the music you also decide the content of the messages included in the In Store Music program. Our copywriters will write scripts for the messages according to the instructions you provide. The scripts will have to be approved by you before we proceed to recording the messages.

The messages will be of the highest quality. They will be recorded at our studios using professional male and female voice artists and directed by our own experienced studio producers.

As part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we supply sound tracks and radio advertising to broadcasters and business houses all across Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Your In Store Music program you will feature the music tracks and the messages you have approved. There'll be no other company's messages included. There will be no political propaganda, no government ads and no offensive rubbish. Along with the music you have selected your customers will hear only your information.

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