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Phone Messages

Outside normal opening hours it's important to tell callers what to do next and when you will call back.

There is one sure way to annoy somebody who telephones outside normal hours and that is to let the phone ring out! It's almost as bad as having an after-hour's message that has been badly written and poorly recorded in an amateurish voice.

Your After Hour's Message has an important part to play in demonstrating to callers your company is serious about doing business and being seen in the best light. They will notice that you have taken the trouble to inform callers of your trading hours and it will reinforce their belief that you care about your customers.

They will be even more impressed if your After Hour's Message has been written by a seasoned copywriter, spoken by one of our professional voice over artists and recorded in our digital recording studios. All at a cost that will be lower than you thought possible.

The telephone plays a vital part in today's business communications. It's important to any company's success to ensure the impact the phone has on a customer is always as positive as possible. Remember callers hope to enjoy doing business with you.

The After Hours Message should follow some basic guidelines. It first of all has to thank the caller for contacting the company and explain the company's normal hours of operation. If the phone system has the capability the After Hours Message can offer to record a brief message from the caller and re-assure them someone will return the call at the first opportunity.

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After Hours Message Sample Script: Thank you for calling (add company name here), but unfortunately you have called outside our normal operating hours and we are closed for the day. Our opening hours are (mention the hours of operation). Please call back during opening hours. Alternatively you can leave a brief message with your name and number and we will return your call when the office re-opens. Leave your message after the "beep". Thank you.

Medical Services After Hours Message Script: Thank you for calling (add the name of Doctor or Medical Centre), however you have called outside our normal opening hours. If this call concerns a medical emergency please hang up now and dial 000 to request an ambulance. Otherwise please call back during our opening hours which are (list normal opening hours). If you wish to leave a brief message with your name and number we will return your call during normal opening hours. Please record your message after the tone.