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Menu Prompts

Phone Messages

Menu Prompts or Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) direct calls to a particular department or staff member.

You may have heard Menu Prompts referred to as an IVR or Interactive Voice Response. And you are probably familiar with how they sound; "Press 1 to speak to our Sales Department; Press 2 for Accounts; Press 3 for Service" etc.

Menu Prompts help to streamline Incoming telephone calls. They save time and labour for the business while helping callers reach their target destination with a minimum of fuss and an extra layer of confidentiality.

If a caller knows the extension number of the department or person they wish speak with most modern telephone systems will allow the caller to "dial ahead" and further shorten the time taken to be connected.

As a part of the business audio specialist company Media Group, we produce a wide range of Menu Prompts to suit various sized organisations and government entities.

The Menu Prompts or IVRs we create are supplied on line in a suitable file format for loading into the telephone system. For larger, multi-tiered enterprises the Menu Prompts are supplied as a number of separate files.

In large organisations as callers progress through the various levels and departments the relevant IVR will prompt them to key in a number to arrive at the desired destination. For example "Press 1 if you are an existing account holder; Press 2 if you wish to open a new monthly account; Press 3 for all other enquiries."

Remember Menu Prompts or IVRs are part of your company's communication devices. They need to not only function well but they should sound fully professional. Don't try any DIY shortcuts! Menu Prompts need to be written with precision and accuracy. They need to be voiced by professional voice artists and produced in a recording studio.

Everybody knows the damage that can happen to a company's image due to poor quality telephone recordings. So don't risk "penny pinching" when for very reasonable costs we produce recordings of the highest quality for clients from all sectors of the economy. We have the writers, the studio producers, the recording facilities and a vast pool of male and female professional announcers.

Menu Prompts not only streamline a company's telephone response times but when they are professionally written, voiced and produced they help enhance your organisation's image.

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Example of Menu Prompts: "Welcome and thank you for calling (insert Company Name). Please choose from the following options. To speak to a Sales Consultant, press 1; For our Service Department, press 2; For Accounts, press 3; for all other enquiries please stay on the line and one of our friendly staff will be with you as soon as possible. To hear these choices again please press zero."