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Professional voiceovers will improve the impact and ease of listening with any e-learning project.

The production capabilities of PCs, Lap Tops and mobile devices means it is possible these days to create exciting e-Learning projects in next to no time and for very low budgets.

Generally everything works out fine for the pictures, but what about the voice over? Nothing can ruin a good video faster than poor audio!

It doesn't have to be that way. Access to some of Australia's best voice over talent is just a few clicks away.

We come under the banner of Australia's business audio specialists, Media Group. That means we have ready access to a tremendous range of male and female professional voice over talent who are available to record your e-Learning project.

These male and female voice-over artists have many years of experience. They are accomplished actors who have performed on radio, TV and stage as well as recording commercial messages, documentaries and advertisements.

Now to start the process of choosing the voice or voices that will be right for your e-Learning project all you have to do is listen to some samples. We've compiled recordings of our voice artists reading short extracts from various scripts and put them online.

To listen to samples our male and female professional voice artists, Click here.

As you listen to the samples keep in mind what sort of voice and the style of read you envisage for your e-Learning project.

Remember these voice over artists are actors and extremely versatile. They'll be able to deliver your script according to your directions.

After you choose a suitable voice for your e-Learning project you will need to make sure they are available and what costs are involved. No problem. We will provide you with an online quote free of charge. All you do is send a copy of your script and we will do the FREE QUOTE. Click here

Having received the quote and assuming it meets the budget you can then request a FREE DEMO.

For your demonstration or Free Demo we will have the voice talent read a small extract from your actual script. That way you will be able to accurately judge that the voice you have chosen is right for the job.

We will arrange the recording and send you a link so you can go online and hear the Free Demo.

To request a FREE DEMO Click here.

Once you have listened to the Free Demo and the script is all approved, then provided your account is up to date, we can proceed to the final recording.

You have the choice of a) being present for the voice recording session, or b) doing it remotely via the telephone or c) briefing one of our studio producers who will supervise the recording on your behalf.

The recording will be scheduled at Media Group studios located at Nerang on the Queensland Gold Coast.

Once the voice recording has been completed we will send you a link so you can download the file in the format you require.

We can give you access to all the takes done during the session, or if you prefer we'll upload only the "go takes" for you to work with.

Alternatively we can prepare a full and complete mix with sound effects and music. Then you can edit the vision component to suit the audio track.

We will work with you any way you feel will best suit your budget and your deadlines. Begin by listening to the voice samples online and choosing a suitable voice talent. Then ask for a free quote. You can also request a Free Demo so you can listen to your selected voice talent reading an extract of your script.

If you would like to get started contact us today using the "Let's Chat" button. Or use the telephone number at the bottom of the page.