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Audio designed to lift any TV commercial. Voiceover. Music. Sound Effects. The Mix.

They say "a picture is worth a 1000 words", but the wrong voice on your TV commercial is a waste of words.

We make it easy to find the right voice over talent. Start by auditioning online. We have uploaded hundreds of sample recordings from our pool of male and female professional voice over artists.

There's an incredible range of styles. From hard sell to soft and sexy. From the classic announcer to comic characters and impersonations. Male and female voice artists of all ages; kids, teenagers, adults and seniors.

You can be sure we have the voice to match your TV commercial.

To start auditioning examples of our Television Voice Over talent, Click here.

As soon as you think you have found the voice you need, ask and we will supply a no obligation FREE QUOTE. To get your free quote sent online, Click here.

So far, so easy. You've selected a voice or voices, you've arranged a free quote. Now let us assume the quote is within your budget, but you have some doubts. No problem. What you need is a Free Demo. Simple. If your script or scripts will run 60 seconds or longer we will supply a short demonstration read - a FREE DEMO.

Forward the script to us and we arrange for your preferred voice talent to record an extract from the script. When the demo is complete we will send toy a link and you will be able to play the Free Demo on line.

To arrange a FREE DEMO to be read by your selected voice over artist, Click here.

There simply isn't an easier, or more foolproof way to choose the right voice for your TV commercial.

Because we are a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we understand the importance of having the right voice for your TV campaign. So we make sure you have every chance of choosing the very best voice by making the process as fast and as convenient as possible.

Take advantage of the links on this page. First click to listen to voice samples. Then click to order a free quote and finally click to request a FREE DEMO.